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>…The electrical engineer's blood in my veins shares your trauma.

>…I hope there's a plaque or something.

There is not!  While the building still stood, a plaque was mounted out front.  You can see it to the left of this Google Maps photo.  You can find it still on Google Maps if you enter  389 San Antonio Road, Mountain View CA.

I don’t know where that plaque is now, but I sincerely hope it ended up over in the Computer History Museum which is less than three miles away from the now absent cornerstone of human history: 


The wood on the building was rotting so it was easy to break off.  I have a piece of it in a shrine in my office.  I collected it when Anders and I worshipped at the site a couple years ago.

So tragic.  The barbarians could have at least left us a Wailing Wall on the site.




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