[ExI] New Subscriber Introduction

Ivor Peter Brians ipbrians at simplyweb.net
Thu Apr 30 15:27:53 UTC 2015

After having earned my keep for some time through trade in an inefficient marketplace and creating nothing lasting, I find that I now desire to share in the dialogue regarding our self-directed evolution.

I've been subscribed to this forum for some time but have only lurked in the background, observing until now. I believe that I understand the protocol and rules sufficiently.

My interests as related to this forum are the social aspects of this early stage of our extropian and transhuman path. This, because our propensity for war and other emotion based destructive tendencies will certainly impede if not prevent our progress. 

In the spare time that I can eek out I am working at two blogs and a philosophical sci-fi novel related to what I see as a new paradigm of humanity.

I hope that I may have something worthwhile to add to the discussion here. 

One can easily find me on Wordpress and Twitter

Best regards,
Ivor Peter Brians

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