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>>...My interests as related to this forum are the social aspects of this
early stage of our extropian and transhuman path...
Best regards,
Ivor Peter Brians

ipbrians at simplyweb.net

>...Welcome Ivor.  Feel free to tell us more about Ivor, or not if you
prefer, such as where are you from, where are you going, if you are formally
trained in something or are a professional something so if we need a hipster
in that area we know the man to see, that sorta thing.



Funny story for you Ivor:

On the ExI group, I keep in mind a vague idea of who are our hipsters in
what areas.  I know if I have any question on medical stuff, we have Dr.
Smigrodzki, for data security, Harvey Newstrom, for pretty much anything you
want to know, we have the omni-hipster Anders Sandberg who either knows the
answer or knows the cat who knows the answer.

When I saw your email @ ipbrians I read it as ipbrains, and immediately
concluded OK cool now if I have any intellectual property questions, we will
have our own local brains in that area.  Imagine your getting a note: Hey
Ivor, I want to get a software patent, where should I look?  You might
answer:  How the heck should I know?  I am a proctologist, not a lawyer.



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