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Being the first, or at least being among the first few is the only logical
solution to the Fermi's paradox.

The great filter necessary for this, is the small probability for the first
cell or something equally non spectacular.

Arthur C. Clarke once wrote an essay called We’ll Never Conquer Space.

The great visionary could be wrong. We might do it, after all.

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>> >... On Behalf Of BillK
>> You are trapped in an unchanging physical world. If you decide to send
>> out a
>> probe, then first it takes the equivalent of thousands of years (brain
>> time)
>> to build it and then you have to watch it while it takes thousands of
>> years
>> (brain time) to move about a yard. BillK
> ### We already have the solution to this problem, widely used by
> militaries around the world - FaF, fire and forget.
> And remember, it takes only one, one single lonely self-replicating
> interstellar probe to remake the universe.
> Rafal
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