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>…1300 - wow! I remember when we were just a handful...


I took the list of over 1300 signers and listed them two ways, alphabetical by last name and alphabetical by first name, listed below.  This one was a slam dunk: Anders wrote it.  I already know that fine lad thinks carefully and ethically and doesn't do the wrong thing.


>…Oh dear... Me, careful or moral?! (Spike, I should introduce me to my mother so you can act as a character witness :-) )  Anders Sandberg



Anders you are far too modest, my brother.  Your demeanor inspired the governing body to collectively organize the worldwide humility championships, in which I see we will be competing.  I learned a lot from my previous defeats.  I was really winning, but then that of course caused me to become proud and arrogant, so I really took a spanking, putting me in dead last.  So humiliated was I that I shot to the lead.  But that caused me to be caught by all the other competitors who had gone thru similar experiences during the competition.  


We all tied for second place.



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