[ExI] Robust and beneficial AI

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 15:57:20 UTC 2015

​AI doing what we want them to do makes AI into a weapon for the owners
giving instructions.​  let AI solve the problems of humanity

Now how could you not want, as an owner, an AI to do what you want?  You
sound like the barber on Northern Exposure:  "I give you the haircut you
need, not the one you want."

As for solving humanity's problems, how could an AI help you wear condoms,
diet properly, get in or stay in school?  These would solve so many human

Now if you had a HFD (homemade food dispenser - with AI) it could limit the
amount of food coming out of it to what you need, but I don't think people
want machines telling them what to do.  They don't even want people to do
that.  Especially us libertarians!  bill w
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