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>This whole notion really has me rethinking the wealth of nations.  This development could be the biggest stride in raising all boats we have seen in a long time…  Move bits, not butts.


>… I can envision cities in the future where you barely leave your surrounding neighbourghood, working online or "on the go" and having therefore plenty more time for personal activities…there's always the dystopian side of this technology, and it's scary.  Nicolas



Ja, exciting scary, with plenty of upside.


I am doing genealogy and trying to explain to my 8 yr old son how my grandparents lived when they were the age he is now, about 100 yrs ago.  To him, it sounds unimaginably terrible in every way that counts to him.


If we do VR right, I can imagine explaining to our grandchildren how we lived back in the twenty teens, and have them astonished at the suffering, appalled at the lack of everything.  It boggles their imagination!  People used to get in a noisy dangerous metal can and travel to a distant office most days, and spend the entire daylight hours, most of the waking time most days toiling with a group of others they did not choose and with whom they share few common interests, all for currency, most of which was taken away by necessities and government.  We must have suffered terribly!  Well, sure in a way, but we just didn’t know better back then, and we were far better off than our grandparents.  A few of us envisioned a better way, but we had to invent it into existence.






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