[ExI] taxonomy for fermi paradox fans: was RE: powers of ten

Michael Roberts mike at 7f.com
Tue Jan 27 05:07:07 UTC 2015

I'm fairly new to the list and should introduce myself at some point
(I have been around in the larger community a while though, so some
may know me from that).  But I'd like to add another few *remote*
possibilities to the list which may or may not have occurred
previously in discussions.

1) (More obvious and explored by others)  We're in some sort of
simulation, running on a very large instance, which either a) started
out in as some sort of training exercize ("hey, we need some more
intelligent species for X purpose - let's let them evolve inside
here") or b) we just ended up in here at random when the "owner"
walked away and got interested in something else.

2) E.T is an advanced multi-species, perhaps inherently peaceful,
civilization that has a history of bad experiences with aggressive
emergent species (either as the original species, or a derivative AI
entity).  So at first detection of a potentially intelligent
species/ecosystem, probably millennia ago, it creates some sort of
bubble around us - in the form of an advanced VR simulation, "parallel
universe", warp bubble, large construct, etc. that makes it look at if
we are in our own little universe.  In reality, we are in a sealed
system until out final intentions can be correctly gauged.
Potentially requires some quite alternative physics.

3)  E.T. is, as has been speculated, an AI.  However, this AI evolved
on a particular path. In order to grow, it would like to explore other
paths leading to the creation of other AIs, or perhaps variations of
its own creation path.  So, it creates a simulation and/or situation
aimed at "getting out" another AI with which it can be "friends", or
perhaps, just to be around during the process leading to singularity.
Introspection, as it were.

4) The veichle for large scale engineering AI/VR type civilizations is
primarily magnetic, and exists in stars, neutron stars, and the like,
rather than detectable interstellar space.

5) Most civilizations eventually just realize that they are inherently
tired to their own home planet and that distances are simply too
great, thus do not evolve past singularity, and return to a peaceful
agrarian civilization.  It is in the interests of such civilizations
not to be detectable by potentially aggressive civilizations, hence
the silence.

All of the above, of course, is completely idle speculation, with no
theoretical basis whatsoever, so YMMV.

-- M

> We are the regulars at the English pub, who have been together so long and
> told all our jokes so many times we could just number them.  The ET is
> hiding meme should have a number, as should the
> intelligent-species-always-nukes-itself meme.  Since Carl Sagan thought of
> that one a long time ago, perhaps that should get 1.  We could create a
> table, then see if we can list every known explanation for why the hell the
> heavens are silent:

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