[ExI] taxonomy for fermi paradox fans: was RE: powers of ten

Michael Roberts mike at 7f.com
Tue Jan 27 20:04:46 UTC 2015

Thanks Spike.

I'm Mike Roberts, researcher at PARC.  Here's a link to my PARC
profile, which is a little out of date:


My main current interests are in "strong" virtual reality (since '92),
in graph-based approaches for representing and processing context, and
AI approaches informed by a deep understanding of context.  Work on
visual languages, concurrent computation and the theory of computation
extends back to my Ph.D (a good while ago now - 1990) which tied
together visual language, graph theory, and Tony Hoare's communicating
sequential process work.  I've worked contributed to a number of
pieces of commercial software over the years, from early multimedia/VR
authoring systems, through to more modern AI/Recommender systems,
remote viewing/assistance software ( see http://www.entervise.com -
goes to the earlier discussion on applications on AR), etc.

Also, a former rebel rouser and part of the first wave on web-based
environmental activists.  I put one of the first environmental
organizations on the web in the form of surfrider foundation in
conjunction with SDSC, and also worked (briefly) with earthtrust in


> Welcome Michael.  Your first sentence is you should introduce yourself at
> some point.  Do feel free.
> spike

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