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>.The most hilarious part is: 


>. For instance, the Campaign Against Sex Robots was recently launched by
two academics to promulgate the idea that sex robots would be "harmful and
contribute to inequalities in society." The Campaign called Malaysia's
decision to ban the sex robots symposium "welcome news considering the
significance of the sex trade in Malaysia.".Anders



Anders, it is a clever advertisement ploy.  As soon as sexbots do become
practical, it is an advertisement problem trickier than that faced by the
condom industry (how do you promote a particular brand of condom?  (I do
wish they would try (the commercials couldn't help being hilarious.)))  The
emerging sexbot industry cannot really come up with a Mr. Whipple ad
campaign.  Even imagining it boggles the mind.


Their best bet: get some nation which stands to profit, have their
politicians lead an ambiguously satirical crusade to outlaw robo-sex, import
or build jillions of sexbots for rent or sale, let it slip that what happens
in Malaysia stays in Malaysia, curious tourists flock in with money in hand.
Malaysia profits, Malaysian Airlines profit, the hotel industry profits,
their robot industry takes off, the government collects buttloads of tax
revenue, the rest of the world goes home satisfied and with heads filled
with ideas.  Having the government ban that discussion points out to the
masses that robot sex is a real thing now, with its own conferences.


This is a rare example of where almost everyone wins.  The no-collar
industry might suffer some, but you know the creativity of the human mind in
that particular area will work out ways where the no-collar workers can
participate, do thee-ways and so forth.  It would be safer to grope and be
groped by the human while copulating with the robot for instance.  The
possibilities are practically endless.  The whole thing practically explains
Fermi's Observation all by itself.



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