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Why don't companies do selling and negotiations, and any other business by video conferences​

​? Why must we fill the airplanes with business people?  One reason is to make things personal (huge reason).  Another is to be able to read emotional expressions and body language of your potential customers etc. (also a biggie).  bill wallace​



OK I have heard several reasons why we should have embassies, and do let us assume them valid.  Yesterday we heard testimony by the former US Sec of State who held to the story that the attack on the US embassy in Libya was caused by an internet video, with no other motive offered as an alternative.  


OK then, those aren’t going away; blasphemous videos once YouTubed are there forever.  They are not only immortal, they are proliferating like tribbles.  The US government has no means of controlling these and no potential of getting any means of controlling them in the future, for the US Government has no veto power over the first amendment.  That’s why they are called rights, rather than the Bill of Permissions.


OK, so now we revealed we have embassies without the military means to defend, and we have cause for attack, since our own government saw fit to take responsibility for the content of the internet.  Bad guys have military-grade laser guided mortars, so there is no reasonable way to stop an attack.


Here we see the means, the motive, and an inexhaustible supply of perpetrators.


It is over three years past the time to do the best we can with the technology available.  It is over three years past the time to shut em down and bring em home, forthwith. 





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