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​The LIGO gravitational wave detector ​went back online today! It will be about 20% more sensitive than it was before; that's somewhat less than had been hoped but they ran into problems, particularly at the Washington State installation that would have taken time to solve and they decided the delay has been long enough and they need to start receiving astronomical data again.  


 John K Clark



It was the right decision to bring them back online, even if they aren’t optimal.  Every merger is a one-time event.  If we miss it, that’s all there is forever.


Excellent, fasten your seatbelts cosmology fans, this is going to be biiiiig fun, a fun time to be alive.  It makes up for that bad stomping suffered in the elections three weeks ago.  This more than makes up for it.  Soon, we get to see if those other signals were a mistake or if everything I thought I understood about the Big Bang is flawed (I hope that’s it.)



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