[ExI] Is the wave function real?

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>> Well yes, change one thing and not the other and 2 identical things are no
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>> longer identical. But it works both ways, rearranging the territory would
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>> not affect the map. It seems to me that they both behave the same way to
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>> perturbations, so what's the difference between them?
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> Location, presumably, since 2 things can't occupy the same space at
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> the same time.

​Actually that isn't always true, it's only true for fermions, like protons
neutrons and electrons, particles with half integer spin, they are the only
ones that must obey the Pauli Exclusion Principle. Particles with integer
spin, bosons like photons or the Higgs, don't need to obey Pauli and can
overlap each other. Although not a fundamental particle a Helium-4 nucleus
can under certain circumstances behave like a boson too because it's 2
protons and 2 neutrons spin in opposite directions and cancel out yielding
a overall spin of zero, an integer. A neutral Helium-4 atom can sometimes
behave like a Boson also because its 2 electrons spin in opposite
directions.  But for a Bose-Einstein Condensate to form all parts of the
atom must be identical, and that can't happen if the external josseling of
the atom is larger than the natural smeared out property all particles have
due to their wavelike nature. So for Helium-4 to form a
Bose-Einstein Condensate
​you have to cool it way way down​.

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> Until and unless you destroy the property of them
> ​ ​
> being independent things.

if you don't cool them enough and a
​ ​
Bose-Einstein Condensate
​ ​
is not formed
​ then ​
you do indeed have two
​ ​
independent things, but 2 things that have the exact same property of
obeying the
​ ​
Pauli Exclusion Principle

o if you instantly exchanged the 2 things neither you nor the things would
notice a difference.

​John K Clark​
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