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Sat Dec 10 21:45:04 UTC 2016

OK well tomorrow is here and I still haven't come up with any coherent
responses to Keith's post.

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>...I go along with Rafal's suggestion, but for different reasons.

>...I think we are anthropomorphising far too much when we think advanced
aliens will be building huge versions of what we have at present. Once
nano-tech is achieved, huge just seems silly.


BillK on the contrary sir.  Even after advanced nanotech, the new big
challenge in life, artificial or otherwise, is heat management.  If you
start to assume away the kinds of inefficiencies with which we are so
familiar and do your calculations based on optimizing entropy reduction as a
function of available energy and matter, huge makes sense.  Seen from that
perspective, thermodynamics makes the silly perfectly logical and


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