[ExI] Tabby's star

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 23:09:01 UTC 2016

On 11 December 2016 at 22:47, Will Steinberg  wrote:
> Why does everyone think it has to be a computer and not a time machine or
> exotic matter factory?  Or, as I said, a deterrent-type doomsday machine
> like the Dead Hand--because of the high energy existence of these societies,
> wars will be very high energy.  Maybe they've constructed a star close to
> the Chandrasekar limit and they turn it into a black hole if they are
> invaded.
> It seems ridiculous to me to go into the math of something that we can't
> really deduce a hyper advanced (relative to us) society is doing.
> Anthropocentric thinking of a high degree.

I agree that it seems to be pretty impossible for us to guess what
advanced aliens might build. For example, many people seem to find it
impossible to accept that aliens wouldn't be expansionist (like us)
and want to colonise the galaxy. Therefore advanced aliens don't

However, every intelligent species wants to solve problems and
investigate their environment, so they will all develop some form of
computing. And they will want to maximise this ability. But It may be
this path that leads to them not expanding. After all if your computer
tech fulfils every need, why do anything else?


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