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> The Beckenstein Limit is the
>> maximum amount of information you can pack into a given mass-energy
>> embedded in a given volume of space. It is given by the following formula:

I <= K*M*R

"I" is the information in bits, M is the mass in kg, R is the radius in
> meters, and K is a constant

Yes but if we're talking about the maximum about of information that can
fit inside a sphere then we already know what M must be in the above
formula, it's the amount of matter needed to form a Black Hole of radius
 R, and the formula for that is
M= c^2/2G *R
where G is the gravitation constant and c is the speed of light that is
also a constant
​. S
the two formulas together and you get
I = (a constant) * R^2.

​So t
he maximum information inside a sphere is proportional to the sphere's
surface area not its volume.
​ So the information isn't really in the sphere it's on the sphere.​
It almost make me think that one of our 3 dimensions

 John K Clark   ​
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