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They're expansionist enough to take apart an object the size of Jupiter and
use the matter in it to build an energy generating structure around an
entire star, but apparently not expansionist enough to go one step
further!  They must have Nanotechnology so why isn't the entire Galaxy

Why shy?  I can think of plenty of reasons why this star is the only one
around acting weird:

Maybe it's a collider that makes exotic matter but it has a potential to
meltdown and destroy the galaxy.

Maybe the Intergalactic Counsel only allows one thingy per galaxy.

Maybe the *laws of physics* only allow one thingy per galaxy, and two would
somehow induce each other's destruction.

Maybe it's the door to a giant cloaking device that goes around the whole
galaxy and hides activity within.

Maybe they are VERY expansionist, but it turns out that, at a certain
scale, moving matter is a  huge waste, and they 'astral project' their
consciousness into dark matter.

Maybe dark matter constitutes a dual universe to ours, with different laws,
in which our universe appears as dark matter, and that universe allows for
different activities, and the thingy is the door to THAT.

I disagree with the magnitude of similarity that JKC and Spike propose an
alien civilization *must* have to ours in terms of motivations,
limitations, &c.
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