[ExI] uber is doing what?

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Thu Dec 15 01:30:41 UTC 2016



When California made its ruling on self-driving cars, it was very
controversial because of what wasn't said in the bill.  It was designed for
self-drivers with steering wheels and brake pedals, so the human could
theoretically intervene in case the car started to do something stupid.  The
law requires a human to be behind the wheel.  If there is an accident, it
isn't quite clear who is liable, which is what made that law controversial.


OK so Uber bought a fleet of these things and started sending them to pick
up passengers for hire in San Francisco.  This brings up a list of
interesting questions.  It isn't clear exactly, but as I interpret the news
reports, Uber directs a self-driver with an actual human behind the wheel to
pick up the passenger.  The operator perhaps needs no special skills, such
as how to drive, since the car does that task.


Is this a fun time to be living, or what?



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