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>…I visited a guy in North Alabama who had a license to trap hummingbirds - he tags them if untagged and records data if they are tagged.  I think there is a big network keeping track of hummers..  He had about 200 around his house the time I went.  Awesome.  Highly aggressive things.  Birds are great to look at, but they are vicious creatures.  Like cats.


bill w




Ja, hummingbirds in particular.  They are mean little bahstids.  If you ever get a feeder you soon find out: they will cheerfully slay each other if they can.  They seem to have an attitude, no fear at all: Human!  Load that feeder and get out of my damn territory forthwith, you big ugly featherless thing!


What they lack in size they make up in mean.  Contrast the gentle seagull, playful, fun, never mean.  They will shit on you if you let them, but it is nothing personal, just business.





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