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Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 12:11:47 UTC 2016

I will compile some literature regarding psychedelics and especially their
espousal by those ISTP types who find extreme comfort in consistency but
who have experienced this incredible otherworldly tool for
self-improvement, pattern recognition and concept grokking.

If Leary had been less radical, and if the privileged white middle class
kids we called 'hippies' had been less, er, freaky-deaky, I have no doubt
that Spike types such as yourself (Spike a Spike type?  Who'dathunkit?)
would either already have experienced or be extremely open to experiencing
these phenomenal pieces of pharmacological technology.

In fact, 'Grokogenic' is a very apt term for them as well that would appeal
to the SF crowd.

I am glad that they appear to be on the path to cultural acceptance and
legalization, because I stand by my belief that, especially for people like
you, not trying these in your lifetime is a waste of immense proportions.

I will even make a bet with anyone here who hasn't tried--same as Rafal's
star bet, ten to one you'll thank me afterwards.  Or better yet, if you
don't thank me I'll cut you a check for a grand; if you do then that's all
the spoils I need.
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