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I have mentioned before (patience with me please) how cool it would be if we could figure out some kind of systematic means of recording into some kind of web-based collective database or some means of recording systematically nature observations.


Sigh. Spike, you try my patience. :-) Every time you bring this up I mention the National Phenology Network, a well-organized program that is already doing exactly this:


>From <https://www.usanpn.org/about>:

USA National Phenology Network

What we do: The USA-NPN developed  <https://www.usanpn.org/natures_notebook> Nature's Notebook, a project focused on collecting standardized ground observations of phenology by researchers, students and volunteers. …-Dave



Doesn’t hurt to repost it occasionally, thanks.  I see that NPN is gaining popularity and I think we are on our way.  What I really want is to invent ways to quantize specialized observations.  NPN does some of this.  Cool!



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