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>>… get a UV image projector, phosphor in the paint...Safe, legal, won’t interfere with your getting a security clearance, never been done before.  Odd and fun mixture of reverence and lust.


>…I think your projector trick is a non-starter.  


>…You know any chemists who can mix up some two-step reactions?  I was imagining a midnight pre-paint using step 1 that dries clear.  Next day you make a spectacle of "white washing" the space with your magic paint... your proles watch this paint dry as it reacts/reveals your earlier-applied mural…



Ja, what I meant was, the vision of the Virgin would be a slowly moving image.  She looks normal at first, your buddies have a religious experience, then… she starts…


We could create an entirely new genre: religio-erotic.






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