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We could create an entirely new genre: religio-erotic.


I reckon a head cold has kept me from understanding just what you are
talking about.  When I think of religion and eroticism, I think of the old
religions that had fertility rites which involved dancing and costumes and,
of course, sex.  I know extremely little about this, but am surprised that
you find the connection new and interesting (if I understand what you are
talking about, which I am pretty sure I don't).

???  bill w

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> >> We could create an entirely new genre: religio-erotic.
> >...I think you'll find that you're going to need to be administering
> those psychedelic sacraments in order for this new genre to gain critical
> mass.. and that's hardly "new"
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> Critical MASS, heeeeeeeheheheheheeee I get it.
> I am told this whole religio-erotic genre is not new.  Who do you call
> upon during the peak of the experience? they asked.  The Flying Spaghetti
> Monster?
> But I realized we could have specialized varieties.  For instance,
> currently this kind of activity occurs in the home.  Certainly someone's
> home, ja?  Etymologists generally agree this is related to the origin of
> the term "homo-erotic."  OK sure, but if we had the other; it would then be
> churcho-erotic.  Or if one is of a middle eastern culture, perhaps
> mosquo-erotic, but if one is Jewish, it even takes on a kind sexy sound,
> perhaps invoking mental imagery of those sexy dance boots from the days of
> yore: sin-a-gogo-erotic.
> Oh the endless possibilities!
> spike
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