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Subject: Re: [ExI] exciting paint, was: RE: freedom threatened


>>…We could create an entirely new genre: religio-erotic.  spike

>…  When I think of religion and eroticism, I think of the old religions that had fertility rites which involved dancing and costumes and, of course, sex.  …???  bill w

Sure but has it ever been done with miracle paint, the kind that is fun to watch as it dries?  I thought not.

>…Honestly Spike, how do you dream up weird stuff like this?

Well OK confession time: I have been dropping acid.  Several weeks now.  I go pick them, juice them, down goes the old citric acid.  I see colors.  Orange in particular.  Excellent fruit this year.

Here’s a mystery for you.  Two trees, ten meters apart, same soil, same fertilizer, same climate, same bees, same species, radically different outcomes.

Tree number 1:

Tree number 2:

Excellent fruit on both, but two orders of magnitude difference in the yield this year.


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