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> It is strongly suspected that high amounts of blue light contribute to
> this disease.  This has been known for several years. So why aren't we
> hearing more about it?  We who look at PC and smartphone screens, spend
> time outdoors (UV), use the new lightbulbs, go to and work in places where
> fluorescent lights are used.

​The UV from the sun is so much more intense it's hard to believe the UV
from a smartphone could be much of a factor. Glare has bothered me since I
was a kid so I've been using "Transitions Lenses" for decades,  they darken
almost instantly when I go outside but it
a little longer for them to lighten up when I go inside, but after a few
minutes are as clear as a bell.

http://www.eyeglassguide.com/my-guide/faq.aspx  ​

​John K Clark​

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