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> You know this will be huge.  Fake news will be practically
> indistinguishable from real.  We can make anyone appear to say anything:
> https://singularityhub.com/2016/12/24/think-tech-is-
> blurring-fact-and-fantasy-just-wait/?utm_source=
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​NASDAQ inserts a digital time stamp from the National Institute of
Standards  into its financial transactions and then makes a
cryptographically secure hash out of it, that way anyone can prove when a
transaction occurred to within a fraction of a second. Perhaps not too far
from now it will be common practice for cameras, even cell phone cameras,
to do something similar. That way if somebody produces a video of me making
silly faces I can produce an older video without the clowning proving it
was altered.  I might also want to digitally sign any video of me. Of
course somebody could still make a phony video and claim it was made by a
hidden camera showing me doing something I shouldn't; the only way around
that I can think of is if I filmed myself 24/7 with digital time stamp
included, that way I'd always have an alibi.

 John K Clark
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