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> ​>> ​
>> But why couldn't NIST sign it? ​
>> I send my video to NIST and a few seconds later they send me a file
>> signed with NIST's private key that says "we received your video ​and made
>> this hash of it at time X". Then if somebody produces a different version
>> of the video with a time stamp later than X on it I can produce the signed
>> hash of the earlier video proving the later one must be
>> phony
>> ​;​
>>  provided
>> ​of course ​
>> it
>> ​ is
>>  generally agreed that NIST is honest.
> ​> ​
> That's a confusion between "could" and "does".

​I'm not confused, I realize ​NIST doesn't do that but there is no reason
they, or some other trusted third party, couldn't do that.

> ​> ​
> there would be no
> ​ ​
> obvious reason why NIST should be more trusted to do this

​Well, we already trust them to tell us how long a inch is and how much a
pound weighs and how many seconds there are in a year and when to put in a
leap second; and you have to trust somebody.

John K Clark ​
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