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We know the elation of the past decade when technology appeared which lets any ordinary pr…  uh… human... out anywhere to think of something she wants to know, pull out the phone and OK Google, get to the answer.  Our phones now put the entire internet in our pockets, oh what a time to be living, what a time.  We have gone to geek heaven without having to die first or actually be…like…good.


OK cool but what if… we want to set up a specialized version of OK Google that doesn’t go out on the entire internet, but goes to a specialized database that the user creates perhaps, a sub-universe, some kind of something that searches not the universe but rather only our world?  We don’t care about the latest movie star scandal that gobbles up about 2/3 of the internet bandwidth, we just want what we care about.


It has to be voice activated, and it has to work with our phone.


For instance, yesterday I was out hiking with the cub scouts.  We saw a bug that I had never seen before.  As I was fumbling for my phone to take a picture, it flew off.  I still don’t know what it was.  If I saw that species once in all my tragically many years, good chance I will never see it again, but I still want to know stuff about that bug.  


Wouldn’t it be cool if I could pull out my phone and Hey Dr. Bugger, have it come up with some kind of program that already knows I am looking for something about insects, or I am about to give it an image-recognition task involving insects.  It would already know my location and the time of year, so it would know what species are likely to be in the adult phase then and there.  It would log that observation, time, place, image.  We could work together, those of us who are into this kind of thing, create a public-access database.


The question is not about entomology but rather commercial computing products, for I can think of a hundred uses before breakfast.  We could make something like this for sports cars or business locations or birds or hell anything that catches one’s fancy, no reason to explain why it does (I can’t really explain why bugs interest me.) 


Is there some kind of software which allows a user to create a database or collection of links, put it on our phones and have it searchable by voice command?




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