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There are many apps for identifying insects, pests, weeds, flowers,
trees. etc, but they don't work from a submitted photo. They are more
like guides that you have to look through yourself.


>…I have an Android app called LikeThat Garden that identified plants from my photos. Seems like maybe the maker went under, but they were supposed to making a whole series of apps to ID plants, cars, etc.



Such a marvel: this bird app is 238 MB.  For so many years we had those 40MB drives sitting on our desks (if we were lucky) and if we did we thought we were soooo geeky hi-tech.  Now my phone gobbles down 6 times that much, all of it free, and doesn’t even know it ate anything, having so much capacity.  My phone has nearly 1000 times the memory capacity which I was using on my desktop during my career.  

We are that fortunate generation that gets to experience the elation of finally being able to effectively externalize and access our collective knowledge, analogous perhaps in some ways to the beehive and the ant colony in their mysteriously externalized knowledge, allowing them to work as a huge loosely interconnected team, living in peace with each other, finding out stuff previously out of reach to any individual, collectively pooling our observations and insights.  

With all this, our extropian visions are steadily becoming reality, not in the form of sudden Singularity, but rather more like a gradual awakening, an steadily-increasing awareness, an accelerating climb to the pinnacle of sentient existence, right here in our own times.

I run short of adjectives.



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