[ExI] Religious Idiocy Triumphs Over Science Yet Again

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Feb 6 22:44:55 UTC 2016

>...On Fri Dec 11 22:54:02 UTC 2015, ... wrote:
>...I just don't understand particularly why you would believe that besides cultural bias.  Do you know what receptors psychedelics act on?  Do you have evidence that the insights would be poorer than "sobriety"?

I have an idea: come up with two software tasks of some sort, useful stuff like a DNA comparison algorithm and an algorithm to interpret the output of a vibration sensor on your Detroit's engine using Fourier decomposition.  Make them two tasks you are pretty sure you can do, and about the same degree of difficulty.  Pick one, code that.  Now get stoned, code the other.  Which one runs?  Wait until the next day, code the task that stumped you while you were stoned.

Easier task, for chess players: there is a good freeware program imaginatively titled Chess Free, available on tablet computers.  Get that, learn how to set the level of difficulty and set it to five minute time limit games with five seconds per move increment.  Play it until you find your level.  Get stoned.  Play.  Get your ass kicked.  Check your win/loss record afterwards.

Fun aside on that: the current world champion is the Norwegian Magnus Carlson.  He drinks something from a thermos during all his games.  Won't say what it is.  Makes sure to never leave that bottle anywhere it could be stolen.  I think he is toying with his opponents who think he has discovered some kind of super mental enhancement elixir.  I suppose it is possible he has, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is pure orange juice in that thermos.  Speculations welcome.  Propose we go to a tournament, you distract him, I grab the bottle, run like hell.



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