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Wed Feb 10 03:42:08 UTC 2016

On 2/9/16 10:47 AM, extropy-chat-request at lists.extropy.org wrote:
> My phone knows where I am always.  I want it to tell me when I am
> near or upon interesting landmarks, historical stuff.  Here I am
> right near some of the oldest remaining landmarks in the Silicon
> revolution, and I went right past them for years before I even knew
> their significance.  I have driven right past the first lab set up by
> the "Traitorous Eight" original Fairchild guys who left Shockley, and
> never even noticed.  It is right down the street and a left turn from
> where Shockley's lab was torn down recently.  I want to know that
> kinda stuff.  No particular reason, might not even cover my head and
> worship prostrate before it.  Well, OK I might do that.

There's an app for that! Try downloading "Field Trip" for your smart 
phone (whichever variety you use.)  Disclaimer: I used to work for the 
group that produced Field Trip.

BTW: I like your concept of "the next 20".

All sensory cells [in all animals] have in common the presence of
... cilia [with a constant] structure.  It provides a strong
argument for common ancestry.  The common ancestor ... was a
spirochete bacterium.
   --Lynn Margulis (http://edge.org/q2005/q05_7.html#margulis)

Chris Hibbert
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