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>…Do presidents have checks on their ability to launch nukes?  I honestly don't know and I'm wondering who here knows; I'm sure somebody here does.  Can the chiefs of staff or such veto a nuclear strike?  I feel like that must be true, but then they could be on Trump's side.

>…I honestly think that there WILL be nuclear war if Trump wins.  I'm currently reading Dr. Bloodmoney by Philip K Dick and its imagery of a post-global-nuclear-war America (specifically the Bay Area) is chilling and almost prophetic.  If Trump is elected, I would not want to live in or near a city.

>…He's the fucking devil and will bring potentially irreversible chaos and destruction to the Earth.


A US president can unilaterally launch nukes.  There is no veto power.

Johnson and Weld in 2016.





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