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​>..Exactly, it's easier to get rich with trade than with war,  but with Donald's ​

 sky high tariffs, trade wars, and ​imbecilic wall world trade would grind to a halt. And soon we'd have different type of war than a trade war.


 John K Clark



This carries the assumption that Donald gets any of this thru congress.  He goes in with the animosity of both parties, a scattering of support at best.  Nothing changes.  If Clinton wins, she goes in under a dark cloud of justifiable suspicion.  Nothing changes.  In both cases, congress realizes that cooperation with the executive branch is political toxic waste.  


Either way, congress doesn’t give them what they want, and the new president discovers the only way to get his or her agenda is to make deals with those who can get it done.  This returns the power of the executive branch to where it should be.  In some important ways, both the leading candidates will learn that the job they just won carries less useable power than the one they left behind.


Of course we still risk either of these two nuking somebody.









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