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Tue Jun 14 15:24:38 UTC 2016

…That part is a defect in my personality.  Excessive empathy makes it
painful for me to watch most movies…Keith

*Nah - not a defect.  How do I know?  I am supersensitive too.  I went from
a teen who liked pro wrestling (until I found out that they applied for
membership in the Actor's Union), Friday Night Fights and any kind of
movie, to an adult who skips over war or fight scenes in books or movies.
I went from a young man who could walk through a mentally handicapped
hospital full of every kind of mutilated human to an older adult who has to
turn away from the TV when a Down's child appears.*

*Defect?  I'd call it a blessing.*

*It does keep me away from enjoying many things that other people do, or
working with mentally and physically maimed people.  I have quit going to
funerals because I break down - very badly - and call attention to myself.
If I dwelt on it for too long, I could get really upset about the death of
a family pet that happened years ago.*

*I am not scarred because of this trait, but I think some are - have seen
just too much damage to human beings.  If I were in charge of the military
I would see to it that people like myself don't go into combat because they
are sure to get post traumatic stress syndrome, and maybe have nightmares
the rest of their lives, not to mention the hundreds of suicides our
military people are committing.  These people aren't sissies and neither am
I.  We are not in control of our limbic systems' thresholds.  More exposure
makes it worse, not better.  (Increased response with repeated stimuli is
called sensitization, the opposite of 'getting used to it', sometimes
called desensitization.)*

*bill w*

On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 8:16 AM, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 13 June 2016 at 21:47, spike  wrote:
>> I was at the Exploratorium Wednesday and noticed something on the
>> restroom doors.  Remember when they used to tell you which gender went
>> where?
>> If you look at the photo on the right, below the triangle, you can see
>> where they perhaps recently removed the sign which says which gender.
>> [image: image006]
>> [image: image005]
>> So OK then, suppose I really don’t remember which of these go with which
>> (I really don’t.)  And suppose I go into my best guess and there’s an
>> adolescent girl in there who shrieks and runs out terrified?  Is everyone
>> still hip and mod and with it and all that?  Is not this whole thing
>> introducing risk that her father might be standing outside the restroom
>> ready to belt me?  Is not this scheme of mystery-restroom introducing
>> risk?  Is there any remaining justification for removing all gender
>> references on restrooms?  Does that apply to locker rooms?  And if we are
>> really all one gender now, why do the blind get a break?  They can still
>> tell which is which, since they learned those two symbols by feel.  The
>> museum needs to put both symbols on both restrooms, ja?  And if so, do they
>> install urinals in the one or remove them from the other?
> I have never seen those type of signs, so did some searching.
> First searches didn't find them.
> But eventually I found the solution. Apparently they are California ADA
> standard signs. (American Disabilities Act).
> But to comply with Federal statute, California requires two signs.
> This two sign requirement evolved because the state adopted accessible
> restroom sign requirements prior to the Federal Government adopting its own
> standards in the 1990 ADA.
> So there should have been another sign on the wall to the right of each
> restroom door.
> For the full story see:
> https://www.compliancesigns.com/media/resource-bulletins/CRB-CA-Title-24.pdf
> BillK
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