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Regarding Adrian’s 38% score, if you wrote code which predicted randomly, the software should score around 50% regardless of who is playing.



>…My point is, against most people it scores better than 50%, but that comes with vulnerabilities that can be deliberately exploited.

>…Relatedly, http://charleytimeless.co.vu/post/139562348812/wirehead-wannabe-mugasofer-lizardywizard-but .



Ja, and it occurred to me we could write software which could be either player, the guy who is predicting or the guy who is trying to fool the prediction guy.  We could play a few rounds where humans played both positions and perhaps one where algorithms played both.

This is so cool!  Cool enough that someone should have already thought of the idea about a proton’s life ago.  There should be a name for that game, something kids played back in the long time agos.  I can never think of anything new; all is vanity and vexation of spirit.  Back in the 1950s, when computers were starting up everywhere, the philosophical types were thinking of all these ideas they could do with them.  I can imagine this was one of them.





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