[ExI] Moving goal posts?

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> I'm not sure if there are many AI-skeptics out there who said a year ago,
> 'If a machine can play Go at a grandmaster level, that would be evidence of
> intelligence, but we all know for certain that that'll never happen.'

​I don't know if anybody said that a year ago but ba
ck in 1997​

​after a computer became the world's best chess player chess grand master
Hans Berliner
​ said:

What's happening with Chess is that it's gradually losing its place as the
par excellence of intellectual activity
Smart people in search of a challenging board game might try a game called

​In 2008 ​
Milton N. Bradley
​ said:​

In sharp contrast
​ [to chess]​
the best computer Go programs are still mired at just beyond an advanced
beginner's level
​" and to play GO "​ immense
scale makes the application of "standard" techniques infeasible even on
​[Go] ​
Requires a real breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence which has not yet
been achieved.


  John K Clark
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