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BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 08:35:15 UTC 2016

On 11 March 2016 at 02:51, spike  wrote:
> A device could be set up with automated face recognition or human-assisted
> motion detector activated recognition.  Imagers are cheap enough that proles
> could set them up in hotels and figure out which room any person of interest
> is temporarily inhabiting, then something like an endoscope could be used to
> go under the door to create video without the theatrics of removing the
> peephole.
> Or it could be that society just starts tracking the whereabouts of others,
> with no particular motive, other than we can now.
> This whole case may have spawned an industry.
> All privacy in any public space is gone.

The UK is ahead of the game already.


The Home Secretary Theresa May has today called for an urgent
amendment to the Investigatory Powers Bill, more widely known as the
Snoopers’ Charter. The bill, which already allows the police and
government agencies to spy on people’s communications and watch them
through their mobile devices, contains a ‘glaring omission’, she
informed Parliament.

‘Increasingly terrorist plots are being hatched in residential
bathrooms. This bill consequently demands that all residential toilets
and bathrooms be fitted with CCTV, which will be linked directly to
local police stations and specialist counter terrorism units,’ May

‘If we want to live in a free society it is imperative that we grant
our security services CCTV access. Police will only watch terrorists,
potential terrorists or who those who closely resemble terrorists in
some way,’ she reassured MPs. ‘So for example, if you’re sitting on
the lavatory in a normal manner doing a normal toilet activity for a
standard duration, you’re highly unlikely to be scrutinised by police
for long. It’s only if you look suspicious or you’ve been sitting
there quite a while without result that the police would take a
particular interest in what was going on.’

(satire - in case you didn't notice!)   :)

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