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On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 3:52 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> Human probabilities change instant by instant, like seeing parking place
> taken and looking around for another.  I see the AI as coming up with one
> answer then taking that action.  I have a problem seeing an AI dithering
> among several actions that have nearly equal probability and those
> probabilities are changing very rapidly.  Are there neurotic AIs?

There are.  However:

1) AIs think and react faster than humans.  For an area where AIs exceed
human competence, it takes a more complex and dynamic situation to befuddle
an AI than a competent human, because they can evaluate more possibilities
and find the best option faster.

2) Any AIs that are neurotic tend not to get much press, compared to other
AIs.  Neurotic AIs aren't good for much, so why bother showing them off?
But they still turn up from time to time in the lab or on student projects.

> We know very, very little about these aspects of the unconscious.  It
> might be that if we made these processes conscious we could not do them.
> Our unconscious knows how - we don't.

Not even "might".  Can you consciously control your heart rate?  How about
walking at a fair pace by consciously thinking through each motion in turn?

> Who of you is actually working in the field of AI in some way, and who is
> a hobbyist (not part of your job)  at it?

I've dabbled in it, enough to know the basics, but my current professional
focus lies elsewhere.
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