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>…I am using crosswords as a sort of test of decline.  I don't do the Friday and Saturday NYT puzzles anymore:  can do but takes forever.  (too many references to pop culture also - don't watch movies or TV)…


BillW, there is a trick to it.  Some pop culture names show up in crosswords all the time, not because they are particularly famous but because their names are filled with common letters and are short.  Irony: over time, no one has seen the movies or heard the music, but the name of the artist is immortalized because it has five common letters.  They become far more famous long after everyone has forgotten their work.  Soooo… new pop culture icons show up, just Google on the name, find all the stuff he or she did and memorize it using mnemonics, which you know well being a psychologist.  


It works for pop culture icons from the past as well.  For instance, all those old time names such as “Fred Estaire” and “Elizabeth Taylor” and” Doris Day” and “John Wayne” and such as that.  No one alive today has actually ever seen the movies, but apparently they were biggies a long time ago and they are immortalized today because they have vowelly names.  The unfortunates movie biggies with consonanty names are now forgotten, whereas the vowelly ones remain, even if they sucked.


You won’t clutter up your brain too much, since there aren’t all that many. 



>…Are there things that some of you older people are using to check your status?  I know that there are millions of brain teasers and puzzles and web sites and so on devoted to these things and I don't use them - maybe I should.  


​bill w​


There is a good one.  Get ChessFree, which is free, download it on a tablet, set it to play timed, five minutes per player with a five second per move increment.  Play.  It keeps records.  See how your score changes over time.







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