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>>… Go to the extreme - buy organic foods. 

Some Germans did just that, a few years ago. Then the e-coli took several of them…

>…Isn't E. coli in food more a matter of contamination than whether it's organic? Also, doesn't cleaning or cooking take care of most of the problem? If not, given the popularity of organic* foods, why do we not see widespread deaths from eating them? Or am I missing some data here?  Regards, Dan



The wife of a college friend went off on a movement which convinced itself that Pasteurizing milk is a bad thing.  So they found some local sympathizers and created an organization for collecting and distributing raw milk from crops grown organically and crops fertilized by manure rather than ammonium nitrate (which is a chemical, which is made in a laboratory, which must be evil because it isn’t natural, etc.)  This introduces a risk of e. coli and other bacteria from the manure.  Raw milk introduces a host of risks.  Milk from hormone-free cows fed on only organic crops is reeeeally pricy stuff.  But at least you might get sick from it.

I advised him to get some personal liability insurance.





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