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On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 1:54 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> I do not know if I am a radical or not.  But I do seriously wonder why the
> research that is so sorely needed before we put chemicals on crops or
> anything else that goes into foods is not done.  Oh I know why - politics,
> payoffs, money under the table, corruption at every level.
> The same goes for the FDA - why do we see so many recalls of drugs, so
> many lawyers advertising to file lawsuits against drug makers?  Not enough
> research.

### There is way too much research required before food or medications can
be marketed. The FDA, both as it pertains to food and to drugs, should be
abolished. The FDA does not provide net benefit in terms of safety. It
slows down scientific progress, imposes insane laws (e.g. forbidding the
use of carcinogenic substances in food), increases prices of food while
lowering its quality. The recalls occur despite the FDA forcing pharma to
burn literally hundreds of millions of dollars per drug to get to market.
Predatory lawyers always are ready to extort money from pharma under any
pretext. The sale of drugs should be covered by contract law, with options
for the vendor to refuse liability.


> Go to the extreme - buy organic foods. Something an individual can do, as
> opposed to doing our own  drug research. (actually I am doing my own drug
> research by taking the the doctor orders and actin g as a guinea pig)

### Organic food is a religion. Completely non-scientific, a hodgepodge of
wishful thinking and anti-technological superstition. I drink grass-fed
milk because it's full of omega-3 acids but otherwise I tend to stay away
from organics - I don't like the feeling I partake in a cult, and have to
pay for it double.


> The rift between rich and poor, individuals and nations, is getting worse,
> as everybody knows, and that will cause much trouble in the years to come.

### Frankly, I don't care. The poor have been getting richer for decades
and I am supposed to feel guilty about doing even better?


> So - it's just not enough.  And I have no answers to how to get people to
> sell their yachts and 20 million dollar houses, or even just to give a bit
> each month for world hunger, etc.

### There is no "world hunger". There is widespread evil and stupidity,
and, disappointing as it may seem, charity is not going to solve this

Which does not mean I would be against charity - to contrary, it is one of
the noblest human impulses - but it still won't solve the Third World's

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