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I wouldn't.  But what about the slimeballs who locked those hospitals'
files?  Did they get away?  Couldn't some commie get in cahoots with
kidnappers here, make money on bitcoin?  Is it really untraceable?  


The untraceability of bitcoin is debatable.
Kidnapping is harder to succeed with than locking files, since you need to
actually physically grab somebody, putting you in harm's way. Digital crimes
can also be automated so you don't have to work so much. 

Anders Sandberg
Well sure Anders, but do let me press this just a little harder, for it is
important.  Infidel out drinking with her sorority buddies, better call a
taxi, Uber driver takes her somewhere and handcuffs her to something that
won't move, no struggles for she is unconscious, Uber driver calls her
confederate in Iran who delivers the ransom demand to the University.  There
are no descriptions of anyone, for the Uber driver had a fake license plate
on her car, which no one noted anyway, the kidnapped passenger cannot
describe anyone, for the driver was wearing a hajib and the victim is alone
when she comes to her senses.  They pay, find the victim unharmed, Mohammad
and his concubine get away with the money.
So my question is this please, bitcoin hipsters: do we really have an answer
to those who claim bitcoin enables some kinds of really serious crime?
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