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Sun Mar 27 01:10:29 UTC 2016

What I want is for some of you smart software guys who grok both genders to
make for us a Geordi visor with a setting that takes any image, translates
it into whatever women see when they look at that same scene.  While we do
that, I want a special pair of headphones which translates incoming sound
into what women are hearing.   Spike

I think I am missing something here.   You cannot mean a literal
translation of the visual or auditory field - which should be identical.
You want to experience the *interpretation *of the field.  The attitudes
and so on, right?  Beautiful, ugly, boring, etc.  Of course those would be
individual-specific, not gender-specific.  Or am I missing something?
Here's one thing my hearing aid guy said:  I told him to put on my aid and
listen to the background noise so he could fix it.  He said no one would
experience the same thing when listening to my aid.  The literal sound, not
any interpretation.  I know nothing about this phenomenon.  Y'all?

bill w

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 12:44 PM, Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 9:49 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>> OK do explain this then Adrian.  Imagine if you haven’t ever seen it, a
>> pole dancer of the usual gender (female.)  Now do the same with the
>> Chippendale’s show with male strippers.  I haven’t attended the latter, but
>> I have the former.  Those two shows are received far differently, and it is
>> most puzzling.  The men at the pole dancer show look up occasionally, stuff
>> bills in the performers’ few remaining garments, but are mostly
>> indifferent.  There you see guys talking to each other about sports (the
>> kind that involves cars and orbs, discussions that have nothing to do with
>> what is happening on the stage.)
>> In stark contrast, the female audience of a male stripper show and
>> cheering wildly and carrying on (as depicted in Hollywood movies, I don’t
>> actually know if it works that way IRL or if it is a Hollywood gross
>> exaggeration (anyone here know?))  The ladies are engaged, participating.
> Yeah, no.  I said genderswap, I meant straight genderswap.  Female
> strippers at Chippendale's.  Women looking up occasionally at male pole
> dancers.  You wanted them to see each other's perspective...
>> Then what if… we had gender-swapping visors and we gave them to people
>> who had been raised in cultures where women’s feelings and women’s ideas
>> were disregarded?  What would that be like?
> "Mind blowing" seems the most likely description.  Many would undoubtedly
> reject the "obviously preposterous and impossible" adjusted vision, several
> to the degree of violently objecting to others seeing it (because they feel
> threatened)...but for many others, this would be their first serious
> exposure to the concept of considering the other gender as equals, and they
> might then consider it.  Hard to say which camp would have more.
> The next thing I will suggest follows logically: we don’t yet have
>> gender-swapping or culture-swapping visors, but we have literature.  We
>> take our best guess at how to explain to someone from another viewpoint
>> what it feels like in here in our minds.  We know it doesn’t work all that
>> well.
> It is entirely possible to do a visual representation of this, no goggles
> necessary.  Done well, it can even be profitable, the genderswap being one
> of the hooks.  (Of course, you'd have to otherwise be able to develop and
> market the particular media you choose - just, this can help.)
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