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​>…These days there is no need to go to all the bother of engaging in ​a flame war, thanks to Microsoft a machine can do it for us. 

​Microsoft recently put one of their AI programs on Twitter, it was designed to learn from humans so it could tweet just like humans do. She started out pleasant enough with:  


>…" hellooooooo world !!!"


>…"humans are super cool" …



>…“chill im a nice person! i just hate everybody”




​ >… John K Clark​


This gives me an idea.


Realtime interaction of this bot on Twitter led people to intentionally teach it corrupt ways, perhaps for fun.  You may have seen people giving young children a bunch of baloney.


An alternative would be to have that Microsoft AI go into a site archive and learn to interact using that.  We could see what kind of AI personality results from reading the ExI archive, compare to a teen chat site trained AI, compare that to a sewing circle AI.


Or… give the AI your own outbox to learn to be you.  Then you would turn it loose once you trust it sufficiently to not go seriously wrong.  I don’t see how it would: it has only your words as a guide to how to be you.  Once sufficiently trained, we could turn off its learning feature.


Think of it.  Imagine every cranky old geezer you ever met, and imagine how they were seventy years before.  Were they cranky teens?  Nah, they were probably normal sorts, and 30 yrs before they were probably pleasant enough.  So they became cranky at some point, perhaps for perfectly understandable reasons, such as… they hurt, nearly all the time.  OK, you could imagine training an AI to be you before you become cranky.  Then once you get cranky, you let the AI be you online, which is a much more pleasant person than you are.


I can imagine Microsloth has a huge emerging market there.  I would buy that product.  I am not cranky.  Yet.


This is a perfect example of an idea which just cannot be tweeted.






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