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while some of you make statements as if you all were elected Pope.  Frank

Well, you nailed us, all right.  Sometimes wrong but never in doubt.  I
actually don't mind being wrong, since that is a learning opportunity.
 bill w

On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 8:15 PM, frank mcelligott <frankmac at ripco.com>

> As a member of this list, I seldom post as my learning disabilities drive
> most of you into a rage of frustration, which reflects on the written word
> as a poor means to communicate when you are handicapped sure as I.  The
> wrong tenses, mi- spellings, rambling sentence structures all lead to the
> delete key, but like the little train climbing the mountain I continue to
> try to be heard while some of you make statements as if you all were
> elected Pope.
> But to the chase,  I was a member of C.O.R.E in the early 1960’s, and I
> also spent a great deal of time in bars surrounding the University of
> Chicago, daughter graduated from that fine university  in the 1990’s by the
> way, where students  drank shots and mugs of beers were lifted in the
> defense of liberals and Americans of color before Johnson was elected.
> Sanders was there too but that’s another story for another time.
> Later when the Dem’s held their Convention Chicago in 1968, I was arrested
> on Michigan Ave  during the protest’s against the War in Asia and mostly
> these protesters  were of the same age as the  young people(16-30) who now
> are supporting Sanders to the tune of 8-1 against the powers to be. The
> police, I had 5  family members who were Chicago Police officers at that
> time, and my uncle Anthony was the guy driving Hubert around the city. I
> knew both sides, and still to this day  wonder what would have happened if
> we had guns, rocks and bottles was all that was present to the protesters,
> and what would have happened if we were armed  when the Cops started
> beating the hell out of with their clubs.  It was a un fair fight, we were
> many but they were few and we took the beating of Mayor Daley’s police.
> Now the police were told that we were armed and dangerous and that we had
> come to Chicago to stop the convention, and start a wave of protest which
> would spread across the country and overthrow the Government.  That was the
> propaganda , but reality was we were just attempting to get the War
> stopped. Our guy was McCarthy, and he was going to stop the War. No Guns
> just rocks and bottles against Armed police, and a government that thought
> we were attempting  to overthrow it with flowers. Our marching cry was
> “make love not war’.  At the height of the protest on Michigan Ave, The
> National guard was there with M-1 rifles and with bayonet's drawn, young
> protesters were giving them flowers and asking them to join us in stopping
> the war.  50,000 strong and with not one  gun among us when the police
> charged.
> The war was terminally  killed when the Ohio National guard charged  with
> guns ablaze wounded many and killed 6 student protesters at Kent State
> after Nixon was Elected defeating HHH in 1968. Some 20 year  old National
> guard soldier , WITH a Rifle, got scared  pulled  his trigger that started
> the Mob killing of  their fellow Americans and started the end the war
> because of the outrage caused to the  American middle class;  these were
> their kids dying on the hills of OHIO not in the Jungles of Nam.
> Here is the point,  America is Not the same country as it was in 1968.  A
> third of it’s GOP voters want us all to have guns and carry them  just in
> case we get cut off while driving on an expressway, and need to pay that
> somebody back for their  bad habits.  Single events of road rage happen
> across this country daily. Kid school’s and theaters are shot up.  And 911,
> and bomb threats, and terrorist attacks. and the candidate's telling us
> that if the bullets were going back  at the terrorists both in  Paris and
> San Bernardino we would have had a different outcome.
> Lastly the Candidate said if he is denied there will be a riot, which is a
> call to arms isn’t it.
> But now take the single rage and make it in a mob  who fear that their
> rights and way of life is threaten, who believe the police are there to
> hurt them  and the Government which they believe to be  totally corrupt
> and that government has given 50 million dollars to Cleveland for security,
> you are in a forest that was not rain on it in 40 years, and give  32000 of
> them  each a flamer thrower. The forest will burn and the results will
> change history, think Ekatinburg in 1914 and the powers to be will have
> caused it.  To quote Gump “stupid is as stupid does” and McConnell and Ryan
> are not that smart.
> This will happen as sure as grass grows in Indiana in the Summer time, if
> TRUMP is not given the Gop’s nod.
> And America will change,  just like 1933 when Germany changed with 32
> percent of the vote.
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> Frank McElligott
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