[ExI] Humility (was: gunfight at ok convention)

Ben bbenzai at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 12:32:06 UTC 2016

Anders wrote:

"Humility" comes originally from the Latin humus, soil. It suggests
someone who is lowly, close to the soil. In Swedish the word is instead
"?dmjuk", which means something that easily becomes soft. German "Demut"
on the other hand comes from "mentality of a servant".

Precisely. Humility is one of those false virtues promoted by the 
church, in order to perpetuate its dominance. It's really no more than 
"know your place, and do as you're told". It's something we can do 
without (after all, the word "humiliation" is derived from it).

Many people will then jump to the opposite extreme, and object that 
without humility, people automatically become hubristic. Not so. Again, 
another false concept that's handy for keeping people under control. 
Humility and Hubris are extremes on a scale. Most people can happily and 
beneficially exist in the middle.


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