[ExI] I promised myself I wouldn't wade into it again

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... but this is just too precious:




What a strange world we live in.






Rafal, curses!  You have taken a big problem in my life and made it worse!  For months now I have had a desperate crush on Jill Stein, oh so foxy, with that silver hair, that shapely figure oh my, a knockout.  I have been sneaking away and viewing her talks with the sound off.  But this time I read her gorgeous lips enough to realize she was saying something other than some version of “all known energy sources are bad.”   Her comments in this video caused me to fall even harder.  But I am happily married and I don’t fool around.  As far as I know, she is the same way!  Now my hopeless obsession continues, oy vey, Jill is right on.



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