[ExI] If you built "Westworld" (or other robot sex) it would probably be with VR

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>...Well, yes. 'Marry' was just a convenient word to use...

>...But AI robots could develop into becoming almost-human companions. In
which case my query really asks whether there would be laws against every
home becoming a mini-Playboy mansion with attractive sexbots attending to
every whim of the owner. (Just can't get enough of these whims!).  :)  BillK

Ja, BillK your whimsical comment is an understatement in an important way.
We can even imagine it as a kind explanation for the silence of the cosmos,
or at least an explanation for how this planet could go dark: the
technologically sophisticated portion of humanity mated with machines while
the others sharpened their spears.  The outcome was predictable.

We can easily imagine a sexbot fashioned as a barely-legal and that might
get plenty of market, but it doesn't necessarily work that way.  Some men
might choose a Jill-bot, Jill's outward appearance, memeset by... someone
else.  Pretty much anyone else.  {8^D  Carl Sagan?  Or hey, Dr. Arroway from
Contact.  If we could build a good mechanical replica of THAT, then forget
alien signals, never mind answering back: we are busy.

But on to Dave's point about underage bots and murder-victim bots please:

>...But is this a slippery slope? Will it open the door to restricting
"rape" or "murder" of sexbots? Dave Sill

Hard to say, I don't have those tastes.  But this is a longstanding debate
and I don't know where it went.  When the Supreme Court decided all porno
was legal back in the 1970s (first amendment) the debate asked if porno
would make sex crime more frequent because it stimulated the appetite for
such things, or less so because it partially satisfies it.

My best guess is that it depends on the person.  Anyone know?  It wouldn't
even need to sexbots.  If one is a power lust sort, we can imagine a VR
where every avatar bows to one's every whim and one lives in a sumptuous
palace of one's own making.  I don't know what a VR does to power lust;
slakes the lusty appetite or whets it to a sharp edge, eager to slay in RR.


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