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>…  Hypothetically, if Trump wins, I'd like to spend my last days before the nuclear winter on other topics…


We could start a discussion on what kinds of strategies could be used for construction of bomb shelters and food storage I suppose, but there is a related topic that interests me.  Back in the 70s Carl Sagan proposed a model for what would happen should the US and the commies go at it.  But a lot has changed since those days.  For instance, those models were based on the notion that nuclear war would kick up enormous amounts of dust and particulates, which would scatter sunlight and dim the earth’s surface causing cooling.  But the same factors which did that would also create huge amounts of carbon dioxide which would warm the planet.  So some extent, the particulate would also absorb and re-radiate solar energy, so that might participate in warming as well.


So… should either of the two mainstream candidates win, which is looking pretty likely at this point, and that person starts WW3, will we get net cooling or net warming?  And how do we find out which are likely targets, so that we know how elaborate to make our bomb shelters?  How much food and ammo should we store?  Iodine tablets?  And since the two mainstreamers each have different opponents they intend to provoke (or have already provoked with accusations which have turned out to be false) only one of which has nukes, do not we need to wait until Tuesday’s result to determine if we need to make a shelter?


Has anyone here followed nuclear winter models?



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