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>> On 2016-11-05 14:42, Jason Resch wrote:
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>> A study by Hugh Everett showed even a small nuclear exchange of 100 or so
>> nukes would lead to the deaths of billions from radioactive pollution.
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> Any cites for that? I have not come across anything like that in my
> research, and find it implausible.

It probably comes from Peter Byrne's book "The Many Worlds Of Hugh Everett".
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Byrne claims that Everett
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was one of the first to point out that any defense against intercontinental
ballistic missiles would be ineffectual and building an anti-ballistic
missile system could not be justified except for "*political or
psychological grounds*". Byrne makes the case that Everett was the first
one to convince high military leaders through mathematics and no nonsense
non sentimental reasoning that a nuclear war could not be won. Byrne says
Everett showed that
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*"after an attack by either superpower on the other, the majority of the
attacked population that survived the initial blasts would be sterilized
and gradually succumb to leukemia. Livestock would die quickly and
survivors would be forced to rely on eating grains potatoes and vegetables.
Unfortunately the produce would be seething with radioactive Strontium 90
which seeps into human bone marrow and causes cancer".*

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